Sunday, August 23, 2009

My Lil Soccer Studmuffin

So my 3 year old Adam is the craziest, loudest, toughest the house.  As soon as he gets to school or  any public place where he is around other kids or people, he becomes this shy little boy who all of the sudden has no tongue!  I guess most kids are like this to some extent, but it is amazing how much Adam "talks" tough at home.  About one month ago he started in soccer camp through AFSO and he is the youngest kid there.  He was so enthusiastic and pumped to play soccer, and in our backyard, (as you can see from the first picture), he was such THE soccer stud!  He was talking about starting soccer camp and how he would kick the ball in the goal and hit it with his head and refers to himself as Diego Maradona.  
So the first Sunday of soccer camp comes around and Adam looks absolutely adorable with his soccer gear on!  Ok, ok, so his uniform is just a TAD bit too big on him since they only have one size for all the kids and since most 3 year olds just sit around and watch.  So with his huge soccer shorts, and his one little shoulder exposed by his over sized soccer jersey, he grabs his soccer ball and says "bye mommy, I am going to play soccer and kick the ball so hard!  None of the other boys can get me!!" This was followed by a hurried hug and kiss as daddy loaded him in the car.  
Well, about 2 hours later, I get a call from daddy saying that Adam wouldn't play with the other kids and all he did was whine and stand around doing nothing for the first hour.  I guess by the second part of his soccer day he began to open up a bit more and actually started doing warm ups and drills...well I guess the second picture says it all.  A much more timid and quiet Adam, and for those who know and love him, I know you will appreciate these pics!  

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  1. he looks so cute when he's wearing his gigantic uniform! lol