Sunday, August 30, 2009

Water, Water, Everywhere!

Wow...that is all I have to say about the HEAT that has been in our weather forecasts lately!  I think we had been a bit spoiled this summer with the nice breezes and cooler than average temps.  This past week, however proved that summer had a late start this year.  I totally didn't even start using my AC until the end of August, but it has been on for the past 4 or 5 days non-stop.  UGH!  Can not wait to see my electricity bill for the month...soooo not looking forward to that! 
Anyhoo...most of you know I have two crazy little boys, but I also have another adorable little monster that I watch third son, my nephew, Aaron.  He is five years old and such a gentle easy to take care of, so low maintenance, so mellow and ohhh soooo quiet......that is - until he gets together with my 3 year old little devil!  Thats when the chaos begins, and with this unbearable heat and temperatures souring into triple digits, I was not able to give them as much outside time as they wanted and needed.  They would go outside for literally TWO minutes and the next thing I know they are back inside with their cheeks as red as beets, saying, we don't want to play outside.  
This called for PLAN B!  This weekend was our water play weekend!  Friday, I took the boys outside, gave them a hose and let them have at it.  Not only did they get to have fun with water, but I also got a lot out of it...they not only did they water the lawn, but they also washed all their bikes, cars and scooters!  
Saturday the boys played with water guns and they were in for a real treat when I filled up 100 water balloons for them!  As a side note I would like to say that there HAS to be an easier way to fill water balloons!  Even with the little gadget included with them, its still impossible to took me what seemed like forever to fill those puppies and my fingers are still throbbing...anyone that has any suggestions or tips of filling water balloons PLEASE shoot them over to me pronto!  I have 3 bags left and don't think I will be attempting to fill them anytime soon!
Sunday, I took the day off from designing fabulous, unique birthday invitations for Kreative Lil Invites and we had a great time at the cousin's pool!  Well...I THINK the boys had fun.  It is a gorgeous rock pool with waterfalls and slides which I guess could be intimidating for kids.  Aaron thought the water was too cold and began shivering so getting his feet wet was good enough for him.  Adam was in the water but it took him about an hour to stop screaming.  And little Kammy also could not handle the freezing cold pool so he was not a happy camper when he was in the pool!
According to the forecast this week calls for cooler temperatures which I really hope is true!  If not, then here comes another water play week!  Maybe head over to a water park!

Saturday, August 29, 2009

Grandma's Birthday

It was Sal's mom's birthday last week...yes, yet another Leo in my life, I swear the closest people to me are Leo's - my sister, my husband, my best friend and my mother in law!  The crazy thing is that I am a Scorpio and supposedly Leos and Scorpio's are THE worst match ever!  Needless to say, I am not as passionate about astrological signs like I used to be...I think we are pretty much beating the odds as far as the zodiac is concerned (knock on wood!).  
So Adam and Sal came up with this adorable birthday card for grandma, who Adam calls "Jamina".  Her real name is Jamila, but Adam could not say Jamila so he calls her Jamina and it stuck with him.  I am sure when Kamran begins to talk he will also refer to his grandmother as Jamina, and so on and so on.
Happy Birthday Grandma Jamina!!

Thursday, August 27, 2009

Happy 9 Months Kammy!

Wow!  Where has the time gone!? Has it been nine months already!?  It feels like just yesterday I was nervously tossing and turning, trying to get atleast five minutes of shut-eye...anticipating being induced at 7am the next morning.  And now my little angel finally has his first two teeth, and is crawling too!  
I thought those little pearly whites would never poke through!  Adam got his first tooth at 5 months, and Kamran seemed to be teething since he was 4 months, but every morning I would check his little mouth and....nada!  Nothing but gums!  Then one fine morning, I check and sure enough...not one, but TWO tiny teeth had pierced through his swollen gums.  I was so excited, and so was he, as he would feel them with his tongue all day long, still does!  In this picture, the teeth are not too clear, but they are there alright!  Kreative Lil Invites has "Firsts" greeting cards like the one we made for Kam, as part of our "Just Because" line of creative and unique invitations.  
The next picture is just to show how much crazier life is once your baby starts crawling!!  With Adam, we were pushing him to crawl so much that he began crawling at 6 months, but soon after I realized that I liked it better when he was stationary!  With Kamran, I knew I would have to be on my toes twice as much, and as the picture speaks for itself, he is ALL over the place now!  

Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Kreative Papa

Although it is rarely mentioned, my husband Sal is a BIG, HUGE part of Kreative Lil Invites and is a great graphic designer!  I have posted just a few of his creations which are not available on the website yet but should be soon!  For mothers day, he designed this funny "Super Mom" card...the card speaks for itself...totally hilarious and awesome! 
The coin has Adam's picture on it and took him a few days to complete but it looks so real, I love it.  
Stay tuned to for more unique, modern and customized greeting cards and invitations!

Sunday, August 23, 2009

My Lil Soccer Studmuffin

So my 3 year old Adam is the craziest, loudest, toughest the house.  As soon as he gets to school or  any public place where he is around other kids or people, he becomes this shy little boy who all of the sudden has no tongue!  I guess most kids are like this to some extent, but it is amazing how much Adam "talks" tough at home.  About one month ago he started in soccer camp through AFSO and he is the youngest kid there.  He was so enthusiastic and pumped to play soccer, and in our backyard, (as you can see from the first picture), he was such THE soccer stud!  He was talking about starting soccer camp and how he would kick the ball in the goal and hit it with his head and refers to himself as Diego Maradona.  
So the first Sunday of soccer camp comes around and Adam looks absolutely adorable with his soccer gear on!  Ok, ok, so his uniform is just a TAD bit too big on him since they only have one size for all the kids and since most 3 year olds just sit around and watch.  So with his huge soccer shorts, and his one little shoulder exposed by his over sized soccer jersey, he grabs his soccer ball and says "bye mommy, I am going to play soccer and kick the ball so hard!  None of the other boys can get me!!" This was followed by a hurried hug and kiss as daddy loaded him in the car.  
Well, about 2 hours later, I get a call from daddy saying that Adam wouldn't play with the other kids and all he did was whine and stand around doing nothing for the first hour.  I guess by the second part of his soccer day he began to open up a bit more and actually started doing warm ups and drills...well I guess the second picture says it all.  A much more timid and quiet Adam, and for those who know and love him, I know you will appreciate these pics!  

Friday, August 21, 2009

A Pirate's Life For Me! ARRRR!

Today received one of our favorite kind of orders....a totally customized and personalized birthday invitation order.  It is for a pirate themed birthday party and we came up with some great, creative designs!!  The client sent us some great pictures of the birthday boy to work with, which always makes it easier!  Still working on some finishing touches but this invitation is going to be so cute and perfect with the theme!  Stay tuned to see the end result!!

Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Kreative Lil Invites Launches!!

How exciting! The moment we have all been waiting for!! goes live! Check it out: for all your invitation and greeting needs!! Don't see what you like?! Well customize it!! Shoot us an email at with pictures or a description of what you have in mind and we will special design it just for you! Kreative Lil Invites, for the most unique, modern and personalized invitations and greeting cards ever!    Designs for any occasion - birthday party invitations, baby announcements, baby shower invitations, holiday greetings, or even our "just because" line of greetings - say hello, just because.  You will be so impressed with the customer service, quality and price...this is what keeps our customers coming back!