Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Trick or Treat!

Halloween is right around the corner and hopefully most of you already  have your kid’s costumes bought, made, or atleast in mind!  I usually procrastinate when it comes to buying costumes but this year Sal and I did good!  He already ordered and received Adam’s Michael Jackson (Thriller) jacket and I bought Kamran’s monkey costume too. 
So proud of myself!  Next step is to get their pictures taken in them and create some really cool custom Halloween greetings for the family.  
Tis’ the season for Kreative Lil Invites’ spooky Halloween greetings and devilish designs.  The best part is that KLI can customize your greeting to fit whatever theme goes with your child’s costume.  The coolest, most unique and creative Halloween greetings can be found on Kreative Lil Invites or can be specially designed for you and your family!  Now is the best time to order with 10% off through October 15th as a special launch party special!  (Promo code: LAUNCHPARTY). 
Ordering creative Halloween greetings has never been made easier!  Check us out!

Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Cupcakes, Sweet Things and Jelly Beans!

Jelly Beans mommy!  Can I please have some orange jelly beans, NO! purple jellybeans!  Oh wait, umm ya orange!!”  This is all I heard for three days following our friend’s daughter’s 2nd birthday party.  The kids were in sugar heaven, as this cupcake/candyland theme birthday party was a hit with everyone’s sweet tooth! 

Brown and pink cupcakes enticingly sat upon a white, three tier platter – each with it’s own, non-edible lollipop topper!  WAIT!  It gets better!  The top tier of this beauty contained a GIANT pink cupcake which is the cake that Gianna (Ayah) cut after blowing out her candles.  Looking at this wonderful creation, I thought, there is no way that huge cupcake could be delicious too…boyyyy was I wrong!  This darling cake was red velvet and so yummy…I loved it! 
Next to this platter, was another three tier platter.  The first two tiers on this platter contained goody boxes (full of jelly beans) for the kiddos.  The top tier had a big “G.A.”, the birthday girl’s initials.   Needless to say, their was some major sugar rushing going on that evening!  Not only did Adam stay WIDE awake on the entire ride home (which was 2 hours PAST his bedtime and a 20 min car ride) but it took me an entire hour to get Adam to fall asleep when we got home!

From big fat lollipops to delicious cupcakes, this mommy covered everything!  Rania is her name and she never ceases to amaze me when she is throwing her daughter’s birthday parties!!  Rania has two daughters, Giselle, age 3 and Gianna, age 2….I have the photos from this picture perfect birthday party posted with this blog, but will definitely get ahold of past birthday party d├ęcor and favors to show just how impressive Rania’s creations are!  So amazing and impressive that after being harassed by her friends and family for years to make a business out of her clever theme ideas and talent, she FINALLY did! 

Le Petite Packages is the name of Rania’s new business venture and although her website is still under construction, if anyone is interested in her help for a birthday party or ANY party, please let me know and I can put you in contact with her!!  I know she will be very successful and I wish her the best!  

Friday, September 18, 2009

Ahoy! A Pirates Life for Meeeeeee Mateeeeeey!

A few weeks ago, I posted a blog about a really fun pirate theme birthday invitation we were working on.  The boy's name is Dylan and he is the cutest thing ever!  He LOVES LOVES LOVES pirates and even though his theme for his birthday last year was pirates, he wanted that to be the theme AGAIN this year, as he turns 5.

We wanted to make his invitation very special, unique and fun!  Check it out...this is the front of the invitation, on the back is all the information, but we wanted to keep the front simple and clean with minimal text.  As of next week we will post this invitation on our site as well, for Kreative Lil Invites' fall line of invitations and would even be an awesome Halloween greeting!

Happy Birthday Captain Dylan Akram!

Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Let's Party with 10% Off!

Are you a parent who gets super excited about your children's special occasions but never seems to find the PERFECT invitation or greeting card?  I was THAT parent a few years ago when I was sending out greetings for every holiday, birthday, and party but was never completely satisfied with my order.  So I put my graphic design degree to use and began to design them myself!  Kreative Lil Invites is like having your own personal graphic designer for your invitations.  Just give us your theme, color palette, and any other ideas or visions you have for the design of your invitations and of course don't forget to include photos of your child so we can make it extra personalized and special!  For the most unique and amazing invitations, order your child's next birthday invitation through our Kreative Lil Themes line and impress your friends and family with an invitation that will be the talk amongst mommy's everywhere!  For those parents who are not too picky about themes and customization, you can choose an existing design from our gallery of chic, modern creations and let Kreative Lil Invites deliver your order in an artistic, inexpensive and punctual manner.   
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Thursday, September 3, 2009

A Fashion Stylist Does a Girl Good!

As you can see my last post was written on Monday, so it has been a while since I last blogged BUT I have had so much to write about, just no time!  Trying to prepare for tonight's trip up north, and with the kids, I have had to break up all the items on my "to do" list day by day.  So lets start with Tuesday!  There was another fabulous Start Up Princess (SUPA) meeting which was covered image and fashion which is a must have in any business.  SUPA is a group of women who have their own business and we meet once a month for tips and networking opportunities. 
So we had a personal image consultant come in and talk to us about how to organize your wardrobe, creating your own style and had tons of helpful quick tips!  Her name is Jessica and not only did she tell us what we should keep in our "survival kits" but she had one for each girl there!  Mine contained a mini lint roller, shout wipes and blotting paper.  Such a cute presentation and totally motivated me to clean out my closet and organize it!!  I think the best piece of information I got from her was to use a tackle box (yes the ones found in the fishing dept!) for earrings!  That seriously solved my issue with earrings getting tangled amongst eachother and getting lost!  PHEW!  THANKS Jessica!!  When I am really rich I am definitely going to hire her as my personal shopper!!