Thursday, September 3, 2009

A Fashion Stylist Does a Girl Good!

As you can see my last post was written on Monday, so it has been a while since I last blogged BUT I have had so much to write about, just no time!  Trying to prepare for tonight's trip up north, and with the kids, I have had to break up all the items on my "to do" list day by day.  So lets start with Tuesday!  There was another fabulous Start Up Princess (SUPA) meeting which was covered image and fashion which is a must have in any business.  SUPA is a group of women who have their own business and we meet once a month for tips and networking opportunities. 
So we had a personal image consultant come in and talk to us about how to organize your wardrobe, creating your own style and had tons of helpful quick tips!  Her name is Jessica and not only did she tell us what we should keep in our "survival kits" but she had one for each girl there!  Mine contained a mini lint roller, shout wipes and blotting paper.  Such a cute presentation and totally motivated me to clean out my closet and organize it!!  I think the best piece of information I got from her was to use a tackle box (yes the ones found in the fishing dept!) for earrings!  That seriously solved my issue with earrings getting tangled amongst eachother and getting lost!  PHEW!  THANKS Jessica!!  When I am really rich I am definitely going to hire her as my personal shopper!!  

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