Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Let's Party with 10% Off!

Are you a parent who gets super excited about your children's special occasions but never seems to find the PERFECT invitation or greeting card?  I was THAT parent a few years ago when I was sending out greetings for every holiday, birthday, and party but was never completely satisfied with my order.  So I put my graphic design degree to use and began to design them myself!  Kreative Lil Invites is like having your own personal graphic designer for your invitations.  Just give us your theme, color palette, and any other ideas or visions you have for the design of your invitations and of course don't forget to include photos of your child so we can make it extra personalized and special!  For the most unique and amazing invitations, order your child's next birthday invitation through our Kreative Lil Themes line and impress your friends and family with an invitation that will be the talk amongst mommy's everywhere!  For those parents who are not too picky about themes and customization, you can choose an existing design from our gallery of chic, modern creations and let Kreative Lil Invites deliver your order in an artistic, inexpensive and punctual manner.   
With our launch party discount, now through October 15th, you can order the most creative, stylish and contemporary invitations and greetings!  Promo Code: LAUNCHPARTY
Experience us for yourself...Kreative Lil Invites - Imagination You Can See!

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