Wednesday, December 9, 2009

Tis the Season

This year was the first year Adam actually understood Christmas.  Last year he got the concept but was most excited about baking Santa cookies and ofcourse getting all this Christmas presents.  This year he is all about everything!  From decorating the tree and house, to writing Santa a letter and taking pictures with him.  So I helped Adam write his letter to Santa and all he asked for was a Wii…yep a Wii.  He is three year olds actually NEED video games.  I am thinking maybe if they have educational games that help with his ABC’s and 123’s.  Other than that I am really against it. What do you think?

So last weekend, we got the kids ready and went to the mall to take pictures with Santa.  The line was longer than any line I had been to at Disneyland, but luckily I was at the mall, and I had my hubby with me so I shopped around until it was our turn.  Poor Adam was SO excited he could not contain himself!  He asked every 2 minutes if it was our turn yet.  He did not understand why we had to wait and why we couldn’t just get in front of everyone else.  
Eventually, it was our turn and Adam bravely walked up to Santa and handed him his list.  He also verbally told him he wanted a “Wii”.  Kamran was not so brave, as soon as Sal gave him to Santa, he started crying, but sure enough, when Kamran noticed the camera flashing, he stopped crying and started waving and posing for pictures.  This holiday greeting is available at Kreative Lil Invites along with many more unique designs.  

Here we go…Christmas 2009.

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