Thursday, December 31, 2009

King of Pop

I am posting this a bit later then I anticipated but things have been super busy with me and the family.  But hey, the point is that I got it posted right?  If you have checked out Kreative Lil Invite’s awesome Halloween greetings, you know that we can design something really cool to match your child’s costume.  Halloween tends to be so hectic that many times, our friends and family do not get to see our kids in their Halloween gear, so my hubby and I always like to send out Halloween greetings so that all our loved ones can get a kick out this fun filled day!  Check out Adam’s greeting with his Michael Jackson costume.  It is hilarious, every time I see his MJ pictures I can not stop laughing and hope others get a kick out of it as well!
Better late then never!  Enjoy!

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