Monday, November 9, 2009

Kreative Lil Invites thrives on customizing invitations for our client’s special events.  My favorite order from October was one for a baby boy’s 1st birthday party.  The theme was buttons, and the story behind it is too cute!  Andrew Green was born November of 2008 and it was about the same time that the movie The Curious Case of Benjamin Button was out.  Andrew’s father could not help but call his little bundle of joy Buttons because he was so wrinkled and reminded him of the movie.  And thus, the nickname Buttons stayed with Andrew, and we were able to create the perfect invitations for them.   We designed four total creations for them and they chose the one that was right for them with their color scheme and preferences.  This was an invitation for Andrew’s birthday and baptism, so it was a very special event for the family and we are thrilled to have been able to help them create such a unique and customized invitation!

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