Saturday, October 24, 2009

Build a Baby

Everytime we go to Mission Viejo Mall, Adam begs to build a bear but I know that he will build one and forget about it the next day so I always say no. 
Well, one day I finally promised him he could make one, so we go in there and it is so cool how you get to choose the skin, and fill it with fluff and put a sound in it and finally, make a wish on the heart.  Adam-rush-a-lot was so not enjoying this process step by step..he was always one step ahead of the process because he was so excited to get the finished bear.  And then when it came to all the choices of clothes…he chose a simple Halloween cape and eye piece.  We were trying to convince him to get the cool batman outfit or Lakers warm ups but he was set in his ways…as usual!  So he names his bear Nuget (noo-get), and was excited about him for about ohhhhhhh 3 HOURS. 
After that, he was over it and it became Kamran’s toy.  I KNEW IT! I knew he would be so over it and it would be another $25 down the drain! 

Adam made his little build a bear, and by the photo you can see that Sal and I made our own!

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