Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Adam has always had a “thing” for music since he was a baby…he loves listening to cool new songs, and playing all kinds of instruments.  Guitars, tambourines, flutes, keyboards, drums, you name it, he has it and loves it.  (Well, some of these toys did not last very long…he is not very gentle with them).  When I don’t let him play his instruments, or when he has broken one and does not have it anymore, he makes up his own…from shaker bottles to whistles, you get the picture!
Sal ordered Adam a REAL drum set last month, and Adam loves it!  I feel bad that he is so limited on when he can play it…usually he wants to bang on the drums as soon as he wakes up but he knows that the neighbors are sleeping and he should probable wait.  Between Kamran’s nap times, his nap times, and then bedtime, there is not much “drum” time, but we try.  
This morning he played and was explaining to be what each part is…whoa…I was very impressed.  From the rack-tom, high-hat, symbol and drum, he knew each part and where it was!  Sal also had called about drum courses for Adam which I talked him out of since I think Adam might be too young.  He is three and don’t most courses recommend the child be at least four years old?  Now I am thinking maybe it would be a good idea to have an instructor come to the house and teach him the basics.  Decisions, decisions!!  

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